Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fast Cars and Freedom

So these cupcakes are for Landon's 5th birthday!  Happy Birthday Landon!!!!  Landon is a little boy who is  always moving 100 mph, so I'm told (hints the speed limit on these cupcakes)!  Landon I hope you love your cupcakes!

 I am excited to tell everyone about these cupcakes because this is the first time I have ever worked with regular fondant.  I have worked with a marshmallow fondant once before, but this was an awesome learning experience!  The roads are made of fondant with a simple butter cream to paint the lines.  The signs were also done in fondant. I know my hand writing is atrocious next time I will pipe the words. I can pipe better than I can write...God must have made me to be a baker! 

This is also the first time I had ever piped grass!  I know, I know, you are not supposed to let the cake underneath show!  However, since it was a chocolate cupcake I thought it made it look like dirt underneath. Plus, anyone who knows me understands that it is near impossible for me to follow rules all the time!  LOL

Unfortunately, I was too afraid to make the cars out of fondant (my 1st time and all) so the cars are micro machines.  Which by the way, apparently are not popular with kids today like when I was growing up.  We had to look everywhere for these.  Growing up you could find these at the gas station.  Okay, so now I am really showing my age.  Funny story: I even asked a girl at Michael's if she had micro machines, and she said "what are they?"  One of her co-workers had to chime in and state the now obvious fact that she "was too young to know about micro machines!"  Wow, you don't realize you are getting old until something like that comes and slaps you in the face! 

And of course, what five year old boy wouldn't want car crashes on his birthday cupcakes?  So because there were two dozen cupcakes we put a car wreck on each dozen!  One even has the fire truck coming to the rescue!  (I think these are so cool, plus his big brother is a volunteer fireman/race car driver!)

All in all, these cupcakes were extremely fun to make!  I also learned a lot by trial and error...but none the less, lessons were learned and shall never be forgotten!  LOL!!!

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