Sunday, March 20, 2011

Stargazer Lily Cupcakes

My friend called me up to make cupcakes for her wedding anniversary.  She wanted a cupcake the reminded her of wedding cake with her favorite flower on top...A Stargazer Lily!  I of course, was so tickled to be asked with the honor of making anniversary cupcakes I said "I would love too!"  As I hung up the phone I realized that I had 2 days to make a new cupcake recipe...I had no simple yellow cake or vanilla buttercream's tested out yet.  Not to mention I had never made any flower out of icing EVER!!!!  LOL  So my adventure began!  Anyway, I LOVED the challenge!

This is a vanilla almond cupcake with a vanilla buttercream

It might have taken some trial and error but I think the lilies turned out gorgeous.  Too bad I found out later that these flowers take about a week to dry properly.  So they were delivered still in the foil. 

Let me know what you think.  Thanks!

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  1. And to think we only messed up 3 batches of icing in the process. At least now we know that 16 oz of powdered sugar isn't 2 cups...hahaha. There's a HUGE difference in dry and wet measurements. Very proud though, most gorgous flower ever seen made from icing. Time to call Buddy at Carlo's!!!