Monday, March 28, 2011

Cupcakes for Class!

For those of you who do not know, I work full time, am going back to school for business, and bake Scrumptious cupcakes on the weekend.  Well, when I get an opportunity to combine and simplify anything in my life I feel like a kid on Christmas Morning!  So when I found out I had to give a seven minute presentation for my People Skills class on the topic of my choice.  Here is what my thought process was...."HOT DOG!!!!! I get to talk about Mission Scrumptious for seven minutes, explain the 'Mission,' drum up some business, and finally make an A in one of my classes!" (My teacher's test are really tricky!) 

Since this presentation was at 10:30ish in the morning.  This time slot meant my audience breakfast was gone and they would probably be at least mentally ready for a nap.  The fact that we had a freak cold snap and it actually was hailing on my way to class did not help the matter any.  All I wanted to do was crawl up in my nice warm bed and listen to the rain, all while Thanking the Good Lord that I was not outside.  But none the less that was not the case and I marched on like a good soldier. 

Anyway, I made my dark chocolate mocha cupcake with an espresso buttercream.  (This cupcake tastes like Starbucks Java Chip Ice Cream)  Trust me with all the espresso and sugar in those cupcakes they were definitely awake now!  Needless to say, all went well, I drummed up some clientele, got a possible investor and finally got my A!

You can tell why these are my hubby's favorite cupcakes so far.

*Warning if you ever eat this are now helpless to the temptation of even a whiff of this wonderful coffee shop smell*

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Stargazer Lily Cupcakes

My friend called me up to make cupcakes for her wedding anniversary.  She wanted a cupcake the reminded her of wedding cake with her favorite flower on top...A Stargazer Lily!  I of course, was so tickled to be asked with the honor of making anniversary cupcakes I said "I would love too!"  As I hung up the phone I realized that I had 2 days to make a new cupcake recipe...I had no simple yellow cake or vanilla buttercream's tested out yet.  Not to mention I had never made any flower out of icing EVER!!!!  LOL  So my adventure began!  Anyway, I LOVED the challenge!

This is a vanilla almond cupcake with a vanilla buttercream

It might have taken some trial and error but I think the lilies turned out gorgeous.  Too bad I found out later that these flowers take about a week to dry properly.  So they were delivered still in the foil. 

Let me know what you think.  Thanks!